A little info on Malas

After growing up with a love of gemstones and nature I decided to pursue my passion.
 Travelling back to one of my favourite places Kathmandu, Nepal and being surrounded by beautiful Gemstones and amazing Sandalwood, I decided to start making Malas. I have been enjoying making necklaces for some time now.
 I make full Malas (108 beads) and Half Malas (54 beads).
I also make custom by request 
 Each Mala is an individual creation by myself. No two are the same.  Some may look alike but, due to the nature of natural stone and wood, each bead is unique thus making your special creation one of a kind. 
The best way to choose your Mala and its beads is  by your intuition and what your heart is drawn to. 
Your Mala can be used for meditation, reflection, a connection to the stones you choose or just to wear as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Mala is usually made of 108 beads and a guru bead. This enhances the practice of japa meditation (also called mantra meditation) by keeping count of the number of times a mantra is chanted. Malas can be made with fewer beads, such as 18, 27 and 54. 

The number of beads in a mala is associated with the aim of japa. A mala with 27 beads is used for attaining spiritual progress, while a mala with 108 beads is used to achieve fulfillment. The number, 108, has spiritual significance as it is believed that 108 energy lines converge to form anahata, the heart chakra.


One way to Meditate with your Mala is to Sit straight, keeping the spine erect. Keep the eyes closed.  Hold the mala in the right hand. Let it rest on the second and third fingers. Use the thumb to bring down each bead starting with the Guru bead while chanting your chosen mantra.

Ultimately, the mala becomes what the wearer wants it to be. You fill the energy of the beads and gemstones, with your thoughts, your hopes, and dreams.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.